Oh, hello there!

Picture this:

Wood shavings everywhere, paint all over my skin, and a little on the desk I was attempting to resurrect. Suddenly, amongst this mess I was making, I felt a sense of calm and a feeling of achievement. I was literally just painting a table… funny how silly little things can have such an effect on you!

You see, in the weeks leading up to this moment I was feeling very down. We all have those weeks, right? I didn’t want to do anything, and I was feeling very antisocial, which was showing when spending time with friends and family. Whilst sitting in my room feeling sorry for myself, I was staring at my dressing table. I bloody hated that thing, and I had been putting off fixing it for weeks. I decided I needed to get myself out of this weird funk and began working on making my desk less of an eyesore.

Nic's room

I was proud after forcing myself out of that negative mindset, and I had something to show for it too! Because I was feeling happier, my mind subconsciously started looking at ways to get that feeling in other aspects of my life, which began a ripple effect. That week I had some important conversations with people I had been putting off, which led to positive results, and I reconnected with a friend I had lost touch with for almost 7 years!

I wrote about this little change in mindset on Instagram, it was the first time I had ever put anything particularly personal on my feed, but I felt an urge to share and see if anyone could relate.

I had such a positive response! Some friends reached out privately, and others told me how “they really needed to hear something like that today” or how “they were feeling inspired” and “were going to take a leaf out of my book”.

I mean, wow.

It felt great knowing how this little project had helped me, but it felt even better knowing that writing about it had helped others too.

So, in a nutshell I guess that’s what inspired me to start this blog. If even a shred of what I write is relatable or helps someone else in their life, then it has served its purpose!

Now would probably be a good time for an introduction so… Hello! I’m Nicole.

By day I am a 25-year-old personal assistant/carer and by night I am a human sloth who resides in Essex. I have plans for this blog to be lifestyle related, with a few stories thrown in of me embarrassing myself. Trust me, that happens a lot more than I care to admit!

Until next time, thanks so much for stopping by! I can’t wait to begin this new chapter in my notebook, and for you guys to come along with me!

Nicole x

 Nic and Reece

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