Dyeing My Hair “Dirty Pink”

At the start of Summer, I had some weird roll-on blusher that was just sitting there, all lonely and unused at the bottom of my make-up draw. I never wear blusher, so instead of it going to waste I used it in my hair – naturally.

Here’s the result of my boredom induced blusher experiment – I absolutely loved the colour!


This month I decided to dye my hair pink for real using L’Oréal Colorista in the colour Dirty Pink, I also used the Bleach London Rose shampoo!


My hair was in desperate need of a good wash, so before getting started I used the Bleach London shampoo in the hope it might give me a subtle pink base to work with. I applied this like a normal shampoo and left it for a couple of minutes before rinsing. When I dried my hair I was pleasantly surprised, it had left a slight rosy tint – more so than I was expecting!


I then moved on to the dirty pink Colorista hair dye, which is semi-permanent and washes out gradually within 1-2 weeks. The instructions were very straight forward and there were options for full head, Ombre and highlights depending on which look you wanted to go for – I went for full head.

The thing I loved about the dye was that there was no need for mixing or shaking, you just squeeze it out and get cracking! My hair is quite thick, so I bought two boxes and ended up using every last drop, so if you have long or thick hair I recommend getting more than one box– you can get them on offer for buy one get one half price at Superdrug at the moment!

The instructions say to apply the dye 2 fingers away from the roots. But I quickly whacked it on all over because I’m not about that life.


After making sure it was all covered I left the dye on for around 25 minutes. Rinsing the product out was a dream! It’s also a hair mask, so there is no need for shampoo or conditioner, just rinse until the water run clears and you’re good to go!

I dried my hair and it felt so soft! The colour was nice but had really taken to my roots more than the rest – I probably should have followed the instructions, you live and you learn!

Here’s the results of day 1 – The colour was lovely but a little brighter than I was expecting.


The next day I decided the colour wasn’t quite right for me, and the areas that were brighter on my roots were distracting. So, I scrubbed my roots with shampoo and rinsed my hair to try and fade it. I then applied my trusty Bleach London rose shampoo again, only this time I treated it like a toner, leaving it in for 20 minutes before rinsing.

Afterwards I dried off and my hair was the exact colour I was originally hoping for, hallelujah! Plus, my roots were no longer patchy which was a massive bonus!


So, would I do this again? 100% – I love having pink hair, it makes me feel like a sassier version of myself!

Although next time I think I’ll use the Bleach London hair dye rather than L’Oréal Colorista, because after seeing how well the shampoo worked for me I really rate their products!

Now I’m just holding out on washing my hair so the pink lasts longer, how long you can get away with using dry shampoo before it’s seen as gross? Asking for a friend…

If any of you have used similar products, please let me know your recommendations for achieving the perfect pink hair! Next time I’ll be good and follow all the instructions!


Nicole x







Challenge Accepted.

This post is all about one of the ways I find motivation, kinda.

You see, the best way to motivate me is to tell me I can’t do something, it’s one of my biggest pet peeves and instantly makes me feel as though I’ve just been challenged.

This can actually be really helpful in certain situations. If I tell someone I want to go to the gym more this week, (knowing the likeliness of me actually going is about 2%) and they reply “Yeah, but I doubt you will” suddenly I’m star jumping my way out the door, and cursing their name as my legs turn to jelly on the StairMaster.

This trait of mine is both a blessing and a curse.

For my birthday this year, my boyfriend Reece took me to see The Book of Mormon – Which is absolutely hilarious. I cackled like a witch through-out the whole thing!

After the show, we went for a nice dinner, and then snooped out somewhere for cocktails, because, in my personal opinion a trip to London isn’t complete without partaking in Happy Hour.

A few cocktails in, I ordered a martini that was garnished with chillies. Reece didn’t believe I would eat them, so naturally, I did. And they were HOT! Way too hot for me to handle. You would think after that experience I wouldn’t do the exact same thing the next day, but I’d already faced Nicole’s chilli challenge so I figured I was now immune to chillies and went in for round 2 whilst out for a meal. And now every time I see a chilli I’ll probably do it again and again until I die.

Above are just some silly, light-hearted examples, but joking aside, at some point in life someone unexpected may criticise you. It could be someone you really respect at work, a family member, or it could be your best friend, who you’re shocked to hear has such low expectations of you. When it’s someone who means a lot to you it can be a real kick in the teeth, but if you take that criticism, turn it into a challenge and work at proving them wrong, then you’ll be a better person for it!

Just take a leaf out of Barney Stinson’s book.

Screen Shot 2018-11-24 at 00.25.23

Have you ever been spurred on to do something after someone told you that you couldn’t?

I’d love to hear your stories, please feel free to share them in the comments!

Nicole x