Blogger Love | 5 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Blogging

Helpful read for those getting into blogging like me!

The Newbury Girl

As a blogger and marketer, I have a unique perspective about how to run a successful blog that will garner dedicated readers and will be brand-friendly. Blogger Love is a series dedicated to helping both new and seasoned bloggers grow their blog and create content that is impactful. Throughout this series, I will be sharing advice on how to put your best self forward and create a kickass blog.

In today’s Blogger Love Post, I’ll be sharing five simple pieces of advice that I wish I had known before starting my blog.

1 | There will never be a perfect time to start blogging

How often do we hold ourselves back from trying new things because we’re waiting for the right time, the most high-tech equipment, or the best resources?

Throughout college, I told myself that I wanted to blog about the beauty industry, but I always felt like…

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